About this blog

Hello there!

My name is Anthony Cocozza. I’m a student at EHSAL Management school in Brussels studying a postgraduate of Digital Marketing and Communications (Digitale Marketing en communicatie) or ehsaldmc in short.

This blog is part of a project in which every student at ehsaldmc needs to create and maintain, to practise SEO methods and various methods of website usability.

The subject of this blog is to draw random people in my vicinity, and around my neighbourhood (such as fellow students, tourists, … of which I’m able to get a picture from) as characters in various popular western cartoons or japanese anime. I will post a step-by-step process which I followed to get the end result, which may inspire any artist out there!

I will not promise I’ll create the best qualitative artwork out there. I will do a fair attempt at it though! So if you ever see yourself on this blog, don’t forget to utter the words “I blame Cocozza!”

Got a remark? A suggestion? Want to express how much you like the blog? You can do so via #iblamecocozza, and get shown on the site!


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Random people around me drawn as characters from western cartoons or anime

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