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One steamy couple – an Avatar caricature

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The next people caricatured will be this lovely couple. The boy, Bert, is the brother of one of my closest friends. Over time, he also became a good friend of mine.The girl, Karina (or Karrie for short), is his girlfriend, a very¬† open and outgoing an (who wears a giant Pikachu costume while going to the movies). They’re two lovely people, and my next victims for this blog.The next victims: Bert and Karina

As for the theme, I decided upon this through some constant realisation I still have to see the new seasons of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra (sequel to Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender). In the past, when I came home from school, I’d often find myself in the cough and watching some cartoons. This cartoon always popped up. I’ve often imagined in the day “What would I do as a waterbender”. I always had a fascination for water or ice in these kind of universes, so in my fantasies as a kid, I was the strongest ‘icebender’, master martial artist, demanding respect from all around me. Those were some fun times…

So, I decided to make these two into benders. Having two of the same kind is a bit boring, and I really wanted to get the waterbender in there. So why not add a firebender (it really was a tough choice though). Something I noticed when I was researching these pictures, were some very simple characteristics:

First off, when we check their picture, we can notice following things:

  • Karina has long, black hair with dark brown reflections. In this case, I went for a dark brown hair color.
  • She has a silver necklace with black strings
  • Karrie has a pretty round, yet small face.
  • Karrie has cat-green eyes (light in center, gets darker outside). A very important characteristic for her.)
  • She has a white T-shirt with a blue shape, top line near breast height. The inner side of the blue shape seems irregular. I assume that the entire shape is a square/rectangle.
  • Karina is way smaller compared to Bert
  • Bert’s hair is black, cowlick to the left, hairs on his forehead pointing to the left
  • Dark green eyes
  • Especially compared to Karina, Bert’s got a more square-ish face. The difference needs to be clear in the caricature as well.
  • When comparing both, Karrie has much finer eyebrows compared to Bert.
  • Bert has a much lighter skin tone compared to Karina.

Armed with these characteristics, let’s make some elemental benders! I’ll start with the face of Karina, the water bender.

Face Karrie the Waterbender

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My little Sophie – A My Little Pony Caricature

Meet Sophie. Sophie is my girlfriend. I’ve always wanted to feature her on this blog,¬† but I wasn’t sure what universe I would put her in. So I decided to go for her favourite show at this moment: My little pony. She’s a huge animal lover, she has her own horse and is a real dog lover. She also has a playful and cheerful personality, which I definitly want to portray in this caricature. She works very hard on her studies, and I hope this will put a smile on her face, seeing herself in her favourite show. Sadly, I know nothing of this show, so I had to do a lot of research before I could actually begin with this.

My next victim Sophie My next victim Sophie

First, we start checking out a few of her pictures. This is, just as the Spongebob caricature I made in a previous project, a bit of a hard one since the characters here aren’t really people; they’re ponies. Ponies don’t wear clothes either, so it’s hard to make the character really resemble the person. But what can we already figure out are the following things:

  • Freckles on her cheeks
  • Clear blue eyes
  • Hairstyle on first picture is most ideal for this project. Mind the curls at the end, her cowlick and the little bundle of hair on her right side
  • Playful personality – can’t be seen on pictures, but has to be included some way in this characterisation
  • She has to be the ‘prettiest pony in ponyville’ so I’ll need to make sure it gets specified
  • Bracelets on her arm. A green, blue and yellow one.

Again, I do not know anything about My Little Pony. I had to do some research about it. I found a site that would show me what is basic for these characters, and compared it to pictures of the original characters. I found different important elements which I had to pay attention to:

  • A very important part is the ‘cutie mark’ which specifies something which makes the pony special. Something that makes Sophie special is her love for animals. She has a horse and takes exceptionally good care of it, so this has to be specified with this pony.
  • The outline is quite thick and a darker version of the main fill color. I usually go for 4 points and black when drawing outlines, but in this case, I went for 5 to 6 points and more colourful options.
  • Some characters have a horn. Not all do however.
  • The eyes got 3 tones of a certain colour.

So, getting started with the face, I already wanted to express her cheerful and playful personality. The face is pretty standard overall from what I’ve noticed.

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Say cheese! You’re being Simpsonized

My next victims are these two girls (picture below). They’re both ehsaldmc students, and I’ve only met them this year. The blonde one is Kay. You could say she’s a bit of a grown-up Bart Simpson, since she is quite a rascal. The other girl is called Isabelle. She’s a friendly, hard-working person. I wouldn’t immediatly call her a Lisa though; She doesn’t enjoy special kind of arts enough to be called that. But both of them are friendly people, with the heart in the right place, and this was a fun project to work on

Victims Kay and Isabelle that will be Simpsonized

Let’s look at some characteristics of both ladies.

First off, we got Kay:

  • Blonde hair, long, combed over right side
  • Red lipstick
  • White dress with a hard centerpiece (I’m sorry, I tried, but I left this out of the caricature)
  • Small oval face
  • Small posture

And then we got Isabelle. Let’s also note the differences, since those extra details might be worth to add realism to this picture:

  • Dark brown, long hair (hard to see in this picture)
  • Hair also combed over her right side
  • A bit bulkier face compared to Kay
  • A tad bigger height than Kay
  • Arm (with bracelets) with hand in side
  • Black dress
  • Green necklace (or something like a necklace)
  • Darker skin tone than Kay
  • Stockings
  • Hairstyle: cowlick

Armed with this knowledge, let’s start drawing! I have to admit, I first tried to turn these two girls (and another person) into the Powerpuff Girls. Sadly, the Girls I came up with looked nothing like the pictures they were based off. So I had to scrap that project and go for this one, which I was very eager to do someday: The Simpsons!

Let’s start with Kay’s face. Since I described her as a “Bart Simpsons”, let’s make sure she has a rascal look/grin:

Simpsons Face Kay
Face Kay

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Princess T – A magical Disney caricature

Something we’ve all grown up with is Disney. The lion king, The little mermaid, Hercules, … I remember my cousin having a room themed ‘fit for a Disney princess’. It was every little girls’ dream. So naturally, I could attempt to draw a person around me into a Disney princess, now can’t I.

the next victim I will caracturise. This time I will draw this person into a Disney princess
The next victim, trainbuddy T.

T., the victim I’ve drawn today, has been my trainbuddy for several years now, she’s another ehsaldmc student and is by far one of the biggest Disney fans I know (well, truth be told, I have a male friend who’s an even bigger fan, but I felt that wouldn’t be so in place with this theme). When I thought of this famous universe, the victim was an obvious given for me.

This was my biggest challenge yet. I’ve started this 4 times over, and decided to go for a portrait-styled image instead of the full-character I usually do. It was amazingly difficult, yet I do think the end result was surely worth it. The things I really needed to pay attention to, based on the picture, were:

  • The freckles
  • I’d give her princess-like clothes, I could at least keep as close as possible to the pose she takes in the base picture
  • Brown hair, most of it over the left shoulder, indent to the left on her forehead, not too long
  • Low hair volume – this was a real pickle to deal with in this style
  • Glass/silver earrings (couldn’t really make it out)
  • A big smile and pinkish lips

To start, I needed the pose. As mentioned above, I tried to follow her original pose as close as possible, so her face should be staring directly towards you. The lips were already outlined to make sure I’d be able to emphasise these correctly.

disney princess face base
disney princess face base

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A new Spongebob character appears! A cartoon caricature

For my first blogpost and caricature, I chose the following person. Meet the beloved class president of group 1 at EHSAL Management School’s Digital Marketing & Communication (Digitale marketing & communicatie) or ehsaldmc in short.

picture person drawn characteristics ehsaldmc digitale marketing
The person that will be caricaturised

Things to pay attention to when creating this new character are

  • Glasses and their shape
  • Hairdo: the cowlick and the little indent on the sides
  • A bit unshaved on this picture
  • Oval shape of face
  • Striped shirt (Blue/white)
  • Bottle of beer in his hand

But first things first. We need a random cartoon to get a good caricature from. I thought to challenge myself and get a Spongebob character. The random characters in this show are usually fish, so I tried to draw the face of a random fish in their style:

random character fish spongebob draw
A random character’s face

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