I want to get drawn next!

So, you are interested in a caricature of yourself in the universe of a famous anime or cartoon, do you? That could be arranged!

I’ve listened to my visitors, and they often posed questions like “Will you draw me next? Take a look at these pictures, can you do anything with these? Can you draw me as a Disney princess/pokémon trainer/…”

So I thought to make it easy for you! Yes, YOU can be the next person I draw a caricature of. Let me just sum up some basic steps for us to get this done:

Step 1: I’ll need some information

Required step: Make sure you fill out your name, preferance of cartoon or anime (can be a title, can be something general) and a link to a picture (right click -> save image location -> copypaste it in this form) in the form below this post!

I will not draw any pornographic requests. I like to keep this blog clean!

Step 2: Equivalent Exchange

I like to draw. That much is clear. What I do like is for people to pay me back. Most artists would ask for money. I, however, do not. What I would like you to do is:

  • Follow me on Twitter. This way, you can stay up-to-date when I make a new post, which may feature you! It also helps me to become ‘important’ in the eyes of Twitter and get the tweet benefits that come with this.
  • Follow me on WordPress. For those of you that do not have Twitter, no worries; WordPress allows users of WordPress (and non-users) to follow the content via the WordPress newsfeed or via e-mail notification. Hit follow and stay up to date!
  • Let your voice be heard. If you like a post, whether it’s a new one or a caricature I made before, show it to the world by tweeting about it using the hashtag #iblamecocozza. If you don’t have Twitter, show your love in the comments below every post. Share it with your friends! A simple share, tweet or comment might make you top-of-mind, making your request get first on my to-do list!

So let your voice get heard! Share with me who you are, tell me what you like, show me some love, and you’ll be the next one to blame Cocozza!


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